Our Founders

Neeraj Garg is a 1st generation entrepreneur, who along with Ankit Goel and Radhey R Sharma founded Rymbal which is an innovation-led organisation highly focused on Research & Development.
He has more than two decades of experience working with polyurethanes including almost a decade with a leading global manufacturer of MDI. He has pioneered many innovative and unique solutions for the Indian footwear market that led to the exponential growth of the polyurethane industry.
The founders at Rymbal take pride in finding solutions to problems not well addressed by others in the market.

Mr. Ankit Goel, founder and Managing Director of Space World Group is a visionary entrepreneur who has enabled better network connectivity for millions of Indians. With a moto of “Innovating and creating specific solutions for specific need” Mr. Goel’s ventures have established themselves as go to brand for industry needs. It is his vision, focus on innovation and indefatigable energy that he is known to be “Ahead of his time.”
His success is no secret, and has received many accolades to his name. Owing to his passion and knack of identifying opportunities, he has been recognized as “Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia” by Economic Times consecutively for three consecutive years 2020, 2021, 2022, “Entrepreneur of the year” by CMO ASIA 2022, and “Business Icons of India 2022” by Zee Business.

Mr. Radhey Raman Sharma is the co-founder and director of Space World Group. Mr. Sharma is known for his exceptional project management capabilities – turning challenges into opportunities. He has designed and set up first-of-its-kind path-breaking projects in the field of telecommunications.
Mr. Radhey has been highly involved in new technologies – first in academia and then as an entrepreneur, creating new growth businesses. He has been instrumental in carving an institutional niche for Space World Group Companies, leading strategic planning, project formulation, and development of the Group’s various initiatives from time to time.
Mr. Radhey has been the recipient of prestigious awards like “Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia” by Economic Times for the Years 2021 and Year 2022, and “Entrepreneur of the year” by CMO ASIA 2022.