Leading Polyurethane System Manufacturer in Asia

Under the brand name of Rymbal, Horizon Performance Polyurethane (HPP) brings to you eco-friendly Polyurethane  solutions that are lightweight, shock-absorbent and incredibly durable. 

Our mission is to provide innovative, sustainable, premium-quality, and lightweight products. We also aim to minimise our carbon footprint.
Our cutting-edge research and infrastructure are now at the forefront of our technological advancements and help us develop more efficient, productive, and cost-effective Polyurethane solutions.

At Rymbal, we are constantly investing in research and infrastructure to ensure our products reflect latest trends and technologies. We have a sizeable team of scientists creating customized solutions for our customers.

A Complete Solution Provider

We are a prominent Polyurethane systems manufacturer in India who can support the footwear industry with 100% locally produced Polyurethane systems for a full range of footwear and components. Our products are tested for their performance against SATRA standards and qualifications. Our long-term goal is to export Polyurethane solutions globally helping the world to be eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly Every Step of the Way

At Rymbal, our vision is to be an eco-friendly and sustainable Polyurethane System solution provider. Our products are free from restricted substances and we continuously strive to promote sustainable practices in the industry. As a part of our new product offerings, we also supply recycled Polyurethane systems.

An Expert Team of Scientists & Engineers

Our team consists of competent scientists and skillful technicians. We, at Rymbal focus on continual improvement of our products so that our customers get the best out of our Polyurethane system every time they use it.

Superior Quality & Long Lasting Performance

Rymbal manufactures in India and is dedicated to ensure the delivery of highest quality Polyurethane System. We make sure that our products have a long hydrolytic-resistant life. We invest in research and infrastructure to produce the best quality and lightweight material with high rebound capacity.

“Quality since Inception” is what helped Rymbal jump the ladder of success in the Polyurethane Industry.