Our Products

Woodfeel PU System - RymbalWOOD

Rymbal offers Woodfeel PU system which is fully water blown system which gives perfectly wood feel, surfaces and finish. Woodfeel PU system is designed to make high heel and platform type soles/sandals for women.

High Rebound PU System – RymbalBOUNCE

RymbalBOUNCE PU system – RymbalBOUNCE is range of PU systems offering execellent rebound upto 70% for Insole, Footbeds, Midsole, Single density and double density shoes/Soles. RymbalBOUNCE product range offers superior abrasion resistance, skid resistance and hydrolytic stability.

PU System

Rymbal offer range of PU systems for making heelpad and Insole. Density of Insole/Heelpad system range from 0.160 gm/cc to 0.330 gm/cc. We design customized insole system for hardness, density, sweat absorption properties, rebound and anti-bacterial and anti-static properties.

Extended Hydrolytic Resistant Polyester

Rymbal offering unique Polyester based PU system which offers 3 times more hydrolytic stability than regular polyester system. Our hydrolytically stable technology is deisgned keeping “ HOT and HUMID”climatic conditions of Indian Sub-continents.

Low Density PolyETHER and PolyESTER Systems

Low Density Polyester system is designed for consumable footwear segment which offers a “FIT FOR PURPOSE” solution for footwear manufacturors. Densities offered in low density Polyester systems are as low as 0.30 gm/cc to 0.38 gm/cc.

Bio based PU System

Rymbal is offering PU System with Bio-based Polyols and Raw Materials. Bio-based PU system are design for Soles/Midsole and Insoles applications. Our Bio- based PU systems are offering robust processing and excellent properties.